About Us

The story of Spitfire

Spitfire Performance is the culmination of decades of motorsport experience and enthusiasm, resulting in India′s first professional tuning centre. Spitfire has made considerable investments in world class equipment and is the first independent centre in India to have a chassis dynamometer suitable for tuning. Spitfire also has a fully equipped tuning centre which has all the backup equipment to carry out tuning, including a well equipped service centre for servicing and tuning suspension systems. Spitfire has access to the best machining and metrology facilities as well as the race track at Coimbatore.

Spitfire offers performance oriented parts and services for road/motorsport use.

The team:

  • Sajeev Mathew Rajan – co-Founder/Director
    Has been in the automobile field for nearly 20 years and involved in motorsport for over 25 years. Has a working knowledge of all types of modern cars and their support. Has undergone specialised training abroad on engine tuning and suspensions. Sajeev is currently an alternate councilor of the Federation of Motor Sport Clubs of India (FMSCI) and is the co-chairman of the Homologation sub-committee of the FMSCI for 2 & 4 wheelers.

  • Balamurugan J- co-Founder/Director
    An electronics engineer with wide experience in automobile systems. Has been involved in motorsport for over 15 years and has developed various electronic systems for motorsport. Has undergone specialised training abroad on engine tuning and suspensions. He is currently a councilor of the FMSCI and heads the Disciplinary subcommittee of the FMSCI.

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