Piggyback ECU systems

Unichip - Programmable ECUs

A unichip installation is used to tune your car to your liking

By installing unichip, we customise the way the engine behaves, which can be used to extract more power, increase driveablity or even improve fuel efficiency

Upto 20% increase in fuel efficiency

Upto 35% more torque

Upto 40% more power

There are a number of things that can be done to increase the performance of a car, but the most popular and effective option is to fir a performance chip to the engine. With a performance chip you will be able to improve the manufacturer’s default settings, such as your car’s power output, idling and fuel economy. With unichip, you can choose between Piggyback or standalone options.

Engine tuning is an art, something that the team at Spitfire has masterd over the years. We are the oldest aftermarket dyno tuning center in India. With our vast experience working on road, race and rally cars over a period of 10 years, you can be sure you get the best experience possible.

We are the official distributors of Unichip in India. We specialise in installation, setup and tuning of the Unichip to your car, based on your needs.

Spitfire has previously remapped:

  • Rally Cars Polo, Gypsy, Esteem
  • Race Cars Honda City, Esteem, Polo, Vento
  • All Road Cars Suzuki, Volkswagen, Skoda, Ford, Hyundai & many more
  • We also handle special projects like Drag Cars, Formula cars etc.

    if your car is not on this list, contact us to build a custom solution for you.

  • Unichip

    More infromation on unichip can be found on their website.

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