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The Engine in a modern car is controlled by a complex computer called the ECU. Engine tuning is a process where the computer is reporgrammed to make the engine behave the way you want.

With engine tuning, you can have your engine produce more power, more torque, increase driveability or even improve fuel economy!

Basically when the manufacturer develops the car, they tune the engine to maintain constant performance for various external condtions, such as cold climate and high altitudes. Addionally, to maintain fuel economy and adhere to governmental regulations, the true potential is locked. But with a custom tune, you can have your engine perform at your maximum potential

The basic tuning process is as follows:

  • A custom ECU is installed on the engine
  • Stock engine parameters are measured on our state-of-the-art dyno
  • Engine is tuned to perform as required

Engine retunes are done in three stages:




  • Stage1- Special map developed to run on unmodified/lightly modified engine parts. Upto 30% increase in engine output, or 20% increase in fuel economy, with better driveability .
  • Stage2- Building on stage 1, stage 2 rempas are generally done with modifications to engine, such as free-flow intake/exhaust. The power gain is significant.
  • Stage3- Ultimate upgrade for your vehicle, requires upgraded engine internals to handle the enormous amount of power generated. Larger turbos, injectors are fitted to extract more from your engine. Motorsport-grade power output from your engine can be expected from this stage

  • With over 15 years of experience in the tuning industry, Spitfire is a trusted brand in the engine tuning scene in India. We are also hevaily involved in the motorsport scene. We regularly tune various race and rally cars that have went on to win National Championships.

    Our expert tuners have been trained at Dastek Systems, South Africa. Armed with world-class technical knowledge and years of experience, you can be confident that you will get the best possible results from our work.

    Our tuners will be able to suggest the best possible course of action based on your requirments, so speak to our team today.

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