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State of the art chassis dynamometer from Dastek Systems, South Africa

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A dynamometer or a dyno is a device which is used for measuring the torque and power of an engine at various rpms and load conditions. There are several classifications of a Dyno like en engine dyno, a chassis dyno, a loading type, an intertial dyno, driven dyno, driving dyno and so on and so forth.

What we have at Spitfire is a state of the art loading type chassis dyno. A chassis dyno is a simpler version where you have rollers on which you load the car and measure the power of the engine. This is one of the simplest and elegant methods of dyno testing. At Spitfire we have expert technicians trained by Dastek at South Africa in Dyno testing of engines. This along with years of experience help us in serving our customers better.

Our dyno is capable of handling both cars and bikes upto 800bhp. Using the dyno, you can understand your engine's behaviour and power output. Our technicians will help you understand the results and how improvements can be brought about.

We offer dyno services to our customers on a hourly basis. We also have cheaper packages for for customers who requrire the dyno for extended hours.

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